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Note: Uchi was formerly known as FamilyeJournal & CorporateeJournal.


Uchi has allowed for the sharing of stories and emotions. It’s encouraged bonding between me and my wife and kids that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. I’ve also started using uchiTribe with my church’s youth group and the kids love it!

Lee D. – Annapolis, MD

This app is great! You get to interact with your family and learn more about them. I suggest that everyone should use this and you will be surprised how much it changes your life.

Aaron, Age 12 – Ellicott City, MD

I think Uchi is an easy, non-confrontational way to not only share your own thoughts and feelings but to learn quite a bit about your family. In opening these doors, it is a great, new age way to communicate and understand those closest to you.

Pam S. – London, England

I believe it is a good tool for families. One reason is works is that it is not direct communications. The questions provide a third-party element and it seems “safe” to all. I think it will be like a sport and practice will improve the effectiveness.

Steve – Brentwood, CA

I have learned to enjoy the eJournal more each day. I actually look forward to sitting down and having a quiet time where I can reflect on the day’s activities and where I am at the moment. I enjoy collecting my thoughts and thinking about my wife, children and grandchildren. It teaches you not to take life for granted and helps you to improve your relationships by expressing yourself and learning more about your family members from their participation. I would highly recommend FamilyeJournal to all who would like to learn more about themselves and their family.

Jordan S. – Rockville, MD

We have been working on this with our family: Dad 41, Mom 34, Daughter 10, Son 7.5 for a few weeks. While we don’t have major communication issues and regularly interact well and also about the types of things this journal provides, it is different sitting down and actually putting thoughts into writing. And, reading what others have written is different, as well. We all approach this trying to be the “best” person we can be and it helps quite a bit with making us all feel like we are on the same page and like we all do really love each other the most in the world. Just wanted to say thank you and we plan to continue this into the “difficult” teenage years as it is just pleasant to do these and to read them. You gain amazing insight into one another and your children remind you without “trying” what wonderful people they are. I laugh and cry when reading our “eJournals” and really look deep within when formulating answers. It is the one time each day (or sometimes every other…) when I can take that kind of time to reflect on my own thoughts and feelings and how they matter to my family and to really have my family’s thoughts and feelings matter to me. I will be recommending this site to all my friends and family and even to our physicians to use as a referral. This is such a terrific tool and has really made a BIG difference to our family!

Kate – Wrentham, MA


I thought this experience behooved our team immensely as I was able to gain some insight into what my team members are like outside of the classroom. Sure, we communicate in our breakout rooms about the upcoming assignments and project, but this gave me an opportunity to get to know my teammates on a different level. Since class is predominately online, there is not much networking to be done, but communicating on Uchi gives us a chance to form friendships with our peers by answering interesting and thought-provoking questions.

Brian F., Student – Montclair State University

I noticed that this activity gave me a sense of comfort when sharing my responses because I knew only a few people would see it. I also learned some interesting things about my teammates that I would have never known otherwise. I can confidently say that this activity made me feel more connected to the other team members.

Camryn W., Student – Montclair State University

It was really interesting to read what my teammates had to say. When we were on Zoom, it was hard to start a conversation, but because we had designated questions, it was easy to learn more about my teammates than we should have if we were just talking. It is easy to get caught up in assignments and the things we HAVE to do, that we forget that we have to make a deeper connection in order to get along well.

Sophie C., Student – Montclair State University

Reflecting on the experience of the Uchi activity, I think it was an effective way to connect with our team members. I think connecting with each other on a personal level, leads to better discussions during team meetings. It enables us to be comfortable with each other with sharing ideas and problem solving. I thought this activity enabled us to find commonalities between each other and learn more about one another.

Jenna D., Student – Montclair State University


I really like the FamilyeJournal concept and your website. As an elementary school counselor, I recommend journaling and letter writing on a daily basis, not only to help my students express their feelings but also to discuss social, academic and family issues. By using, students and their parents will be able to better organize their thoughts and communicate in a more effective manner. I think the eJournal will be especially valuable during the adolescent years when kids and parents tend to drift apart from one another. This is a website that I will definitely recommend.

Diane Stephenson-Moe, M.Ed., Elementary School Counselor – Howard County, Maryland

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I highly recommend Family eJournal, especially for use in educational programs! I recently used the Family eJournal program in a college course. Family eJournal was incorporated into the curriculum for students to learn more about the benefits of family communication.  Many of my students chose to log in and complete family journal entries more often than required for class credit.  The feedback about the program by students was positive. Based on feedback from my students, I will continue to use the program in future courses that I teach!

The fact that Family eJournal uses an electronic medium is both innovative and engaging for younger family members, who typically spend a significant amount of time online and have multiple tools for doing so (e.g., laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.). I believe that Family eJournal is a great tool for increasing family communication!

Traci Weinstein, PhD, Instructor – University of Illinois at Chicago


Corporate eJournal helped our team build trust and find a level of comfort that directly contributed to increased productivity and overall engagement in the office. Simply taking a few minutes out of the day to learn about and connect with my coworkers through eJournal had an incredibly positive impact in the office.

Ryan O., Development Engineer

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My team used Corporate eJournal in a start-up environment where no one had ever worked together before. I’ve never been part of a team that coalesced so quickly!  The eJournal entries brought out helpful (and hilarious) insights about each team member and built camaraderie that enhanced collaboration and productivity.  Moreover, I believe better understanding each other allowed for more respectful debates which generated better and more creative solutions to problems.

Clint W., Director of Product Development

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