Uchi ( /ü-CHē/ )

Means “in-group” or “inner circle”, in Japanese.

The internet and especially social media, with all its good, can also be pretty scary. In short, whatever you do online is somehow being tracked, mined, turned back on you in order for someone else to profit financially or some other way.

We designed Uchi to be a different kind of social platform and we want to be completely transparent with you (so this list got a little long). That’s because we are here for you, to hopefully help have a positive impact on your life, and not just to use you for our gain.

We believe in taking care of our uchi simply because it’s the right thing to do. Here’s how the Uchi app operates.

  • Uchi’s mission is to help you connect authentically with those who matter most to you.
  • Uchi is a tool for people to use to strengthen their relationships.
  • The only content you will ever see on Uchi is from YOUR uchi (i.e. your Uchi friends).
  • Uchi’s focus is on supporting the quality of your relationships, not quantity.
  • We NEVER read your content or data mine it in any way.
  • Uchi believes you own your content and data which you can download FREE, as often as you choose, using the uchiLegacy button in your profile settings.
  • We do not allow 3rd party interference (e.g. advertisers, sponsors, etc.)
    • Users can submit uchiTopics (sets of 10 questions) and they are listed on Uchi in the order received.
  • Users always choose which uchiTopics and questions they want to engage with.
  • Uchi’s business model is to sell uchiTribes (e.g. uchiEducation, uchiPro, uchiEvent, uchiMeet, etc.), to our users, so they can use Uchi as a tool to promote connection for the people they serve (e.g. your family, students, co-workers, attendees, etc.)
  • “Users’ attention” is not a product we sell.
  • Uchi has NO advertisers.
  • Uchi has NO investors.
  • Uchi does not access your GPS.
  • Uchi doesn’t collect data on you based on the questions you answer or the content of your answers or comments.
  • Uchi’s hope is you’ll choose to engage, invite your friends, and purchase uchiTribes because of the value of the tool and the positive difference it’s having in your life. 
  • Uchi currently does not use “push notifications” to inform you of activity relevant to you but, at the request of our users, this will be implemented in the future and you will have control of your settings.
  • Uchi always provides you with the most current activity of your uchi which you can sort and engage with on your terms. Your uchi friends’ activity is never withheld or filtered in any way. If your friends aren’t engaging with Uchi then you won’t see any new content. But, there are always new questions you can answer for self-discovery and to encourage your uchi to engage and strengthen relationships.
  • Uchi does not use “A/B Testing” in order to detrimentally manipulate your behavior.
  • Uchi is a tool for you to use as you see fit. If it’s not helping you strengthen your relationships then maybe it’s not the app for you and we wish you well.
  • Uchi’s views on Social Media Addiction:
    • Gabor Maté, MD, defines addiction as “any repeated behavior, substance-related or not, in which a person feels compelled to persist, regardless of its negative impact on his life and the lives of others.” 
    • Uchi’s goal is to have a positive impact on your life and those who matter to you. That’s because connection is a basic human need. When a need is met then compensatory behaviors (e.g. addiction) are not needed.
    • We believe the reason Social Media Addiction is real is because it’s a behavior that helps a person compensate for an unmet need or pain in their life. One of the most common human pains is lack of connection which, research shows, most social media does not authentically support. In fact, it exploits your emotional pain for their own goals and benefits.
  • Uchi has been in development for nearly 20 years and designed based on research in psychology, human behavior, anthropology, sociology, and other fields to address a basic need of humans – love, connection, and a sense of belonging.
  • Uchi’s goal is to support authentic connection. We believe two key elements are required:
    • That both parties share comparable kinds of information or experiences.
    • That both parties share to a comparable level of depth or intimacy.
  • To support authentic connection, Uchi:
    • Helps “guide” conversations by prompting users with questions.
    • Follows Rule #1 – You can only read a friend’s answer if you’ve already answered that question.
  • Uchi does not use Perceived Senses of Acceptance such as “likes”, “hearts”, “thumbs-up”, etc. Users can further engage only by commenting in their own words.
  • Uchi uses only the written-word. We feel, oftentimes, a picture or video can be “the easy way out” to interact and does not support authentic connection. We believe when someone takes the time and effort to share, in their own words, their perspective, thoughts, and feelings, the content is more substantive and meaningful and has a greater chance to support a deeper, healthier relationship.
  • The Uchi platform has been shown to 1) strengthen relationships and 2) decrease depression. (Peer-reviewed research can be reviewed at uchiconnection.com/media)
  • Uchi does not use AI or content algorithms. The content you see on Uchi is based on the activity of your uchi. Even then, content is delivered chronologically or according to the sorting tools you choose.
  • Uchi content is as real and honest as you and your uchi create. It’s your perspective, thoughts, feelings, stories, and memories, all shared, in your own words, with no “outside” or 3rd party influence other than what you bring.
  • Uchi doesn’t make “content recommendations” because the only content available to you is what your uchi shares, in their own words, about themselves.
  • Many social media platforms have been shown to “bring out the worst” in people by preying on their weaknesses.
    • Uchi’s focus is to help you share your perspective so you can be heard and understood by the people who matter to you and you can hear and understand them.
    • Uchi was created to promote authentic connection which builds trust, compassion, understanding, empathy, and closeness. The closer and more connected we feel, the happier we are. The happier we are, the more positive and constructive are our behaviors.
  • Many people are deleting their social media accounts in favor of nurturing “in real life” connections.
    • Uchi was created as a tool that utilizes today’s technology to support “real life” relationships and improve connection.

“A tool is only as good as how it’s being used.
A hammer is a great tool for putting nails in wood. But a hammer can also be used as a tool for destruction if used to strike someone.“

Uchi’s aim is to use the internet for good.

Real Conversations. Real Connections.